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About Us

This archive website is developed and operated by the Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) for use by the entire Port Ludlow community–organizations, clubs, and individuals. The archive includes anything that can be in digitized—e.g., legal and historical documents, minutes, CC&Rs, court records, photographs, drawings, maps, audio, video, etc. It is virtually indestructible. The archive is backed-up daily at the Internet Site5 server in Texas. Local digital copies are made periodically on 8.75GB DVDs (later 50GB Blu-ray), which are stored in a safety deposit box at Port Ludlow's Columbia Bank. The PLVC Archive Committee also maintains a working copy. Thus, the archive documents are instantly available to everyone's computer in Port Ludlow, yet they cannot be destroyed by a fire, water damage, earthquake, tsunami, loss, theft, etc. Any Port Ludlow organization or person wishing to archive relevant materials should contact the archivist by email or by phone at 437-8220. Technology:

Today there are about 600 archived documents, which will grow over time to an estimated 10,000. Consequently, archive materials must be indexed for easy and rapid search and retrieval—a database capability that is not available on other Port Ludlow websites. All the software–the ubiquitous Apache server, MySQL database, PHP language combination plus the Drupal content management system (CMS)–is open source and free. A website on this platform is reasonably easy to setup and maintain without programming. Development and test on a PC version is convenient. Worldwide, about 60 percent of internet servers run the Apache platform, while 1.5 percent (over 1 million) use Drupal—ranging from this small archive and the Olympic Peninsula Tourism Commission to very large Drupal websites such as The Economist, Federal Express, The Whitehouse, Amnesty International, and New York Observer. A single Drupal installation has built-in capability to serve multiple websites and sub-sites that share core software but have their own design themes, format, and content control. Drupal's database capability is necessary for an effective archive database—other possibilities such as the widely used  WordPress and Joomla free CMSs, and the community-specialized Resident Interactive franchise CMS all fall short—while Drupal provides free extendibility in many other areas should the community wish.