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Help with PDF

According to Wikipedia, Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange. It is the most common standard for archiving documents.

To read a PDF document, open it with Adobe Reader. All you need do is click on it and it will start to download. However, if you do not have Adobe Reader, you must first download Adobe's PDF Reader free.

When the document has downloaded, most browsers will show this tool bar at the bottom of the page (you may have to bring your cursor down around the center bottom of the page to make it display):

Click the "triangular" Adobe icon at the right of the bar. This will enable the Adobe file navigation tools including bookmarks.

In the top left of Adobe Reader, you will see this Bookmark button:
Click this bookmark button, and you will see any content bookmarks at the left of the Adobe Reader. (For example, the Adobe Reader should display bookmarks for minutes and attachments in chronological order. Each Bookmark indicates the date in International Organization for Standardization (ISO) format: YYYYMMDD. You can click on a Bookmark to get to the item of interest.)

Depending on your computer configuration, use Ctrl-F to search the PDF test–you may also see the search button at the left of the Adobe Reader. When you press Ctrl-F, a "Find" box will open at the top or bottom of the document. Enter the word(s) you want to find and press enter, then use the box's back/forward or next/previous buttons.
(For example, this tool enables you to search the entire one-year minute book for words contained in the text of the minutes and attachments. Older Minutes had to be scanned in and their text recovered by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so the recovered text is not completely reliable.)

If your Adobe Reader shows continuous pages, it its often convenient to click this "full page" button. The page up and page down buttons will continue in "full page" mode.

Adobe provides a 12-page guide "Using Adobe Reader". On page 9, Adobe explains how to convert a PDF document to Microsoft Word.